If you are looking for doors with the very best durability and longevity, composite doors are the clear choice. Although priced a little higher than their UPVC counterparts, our range of composite doors offer an excellent return on investment, thanks to their superior build quality. 

So long as you are not restricted to a very limited budget, composite doors are a very attractive option. Here are just a few of the most compelling benefits they can offer:

Durable Construction

Whilst UPVC doors are made entirely from plastic, composite units are made with a mixture of PVC, glass, wood – and numerous other materials, which are crushed into a fine powder, then pressed together with a specialised high-pressure machine. 

Composite doors are an average of 40mm in thickness, whereas UPVC units average only 28mm. This gives composite doors additional durability. 

No Risk of Rot and Woodworm

Composite doors can be made to mimic the classic looks of wooden doors, without the fear of rot or woodworm. They’re considerably more resistant to inclement weather and everyday wear and tear. You can expect a composite door to look as good as on Day One for years to come with only minimal care – whereas a typical wooden door would require regular treatment to retain its looks!

Superior Security and Energy Efficiency

As they are thicker than most other door types, composite doors make it far more difficult for would-be intruders to break into your property. And, their sturdier construction also helps them to reduce heat loss – and helps you to save on your energy bills!

An Excellent Choice of Designs and Styles

Finally, you’ll be pleased to learn that as with all the doors in our range, we offer an extensive choice of colours, designs and configurations. In fact, you can customise your door in every detail with our ‘Build Your Own Door’ service.