Whilst traditional timber wood rooflines look great when new, as time goes by, they can develop a multitude of problems. For instance, the wood can rot and decay, which can lead to leaks and further structural damage to your home. Wood is also highly susceptible to inclement weather, so it can warp and crack in extreme weather conditions.

Correcting issues associated with timber rooflines can be time consuming and expensive. If your current timber roofline is starting to show its age, now may be the best time to replace it with a modern UPVC alternative. Here at Caledonia Windows & Doors, we offer a full range of UPVC roofline products, including soffits and facias, roofing cladding, guttering and downpipes.

Whether you need a full or partial roofline replacement service, our experts can manufacture and install made-to-measure components to help protect your property from the elements for many years to come. Are you still on the fence about whether to opt for a UPVC roofline system? Here are some of the most compelling benefits they can provide …


Low Maintenance

In addition to cleaning, timber wood rooflines require periodic treatment in order to prevent rot and damp from setting in. Doing this yourself can be difficult and time-consuming. Hiring a professional to take care of this task can work out to be very costly in the long run.

Conversely, UPVC rooflines require no treatment other than occasional cleaning to prevent rot and decay. With only minimal care and attention, you can easily keep your UPVC roofline looking great and working as it should, without the need to pay out for costly maintenance visits.


Weather Resistant

As we’ve mentioned, our UPVC roofline products fare far better against inclement weather than their wooden counterparts. They are extremely durable – and, as they are installed by our own roofline experts, you can be sure of a perfect fit. Our soffits, fascias, roof cladding, guttering and downpipes are all engineered to ensure rainwater is diverted away from your home, protecting its structural integrity.


Stylish Looks

With our UPVC roofline products, there is no need to compromise on style, either. Our rooflines are just as attractive as their traditional counterparts – only with a greater selection of colours and configurations. So, you can easily choose a style that will complement your home’s unique character, whilst also helping to preserve it.



Finally, if you have reservations concerning the cost of a new UPVC roofline system, allow us to put those fears to rest. Pricing is given on application, as all our products are bespoke. However, whether you opt for a full or partial UPVC roofline replacement, we can provide you with an optimal solution at a very competitive price.

When you factor in our roofline products’ quality, lifespan and durability, they offer superb value for money both in the short and longer term. After all, your home is your greatest investment. So, surely having peace of mind that it is protected for the elements is worth the while?

Are you interested in UPVC roofline products for your property? Please don’t hesitate to give our experts a call. Get in touch today on 01236 888109 to arrange your free home survey and no-obligation quote.