New UPVC windows from Caledonia Windows & Doors will transform your home in Cumbernauld. With a wide range of different colours and woodgrain effects available, they will also improve thermal efficiency and increase sound insulation. Caledonia Windows & Doors have over 10 years’ experience supplying and installing affordable UPVC windows in Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Coatbridge, Falkirk and surrounding areas.

Why Choose UPVC Windows from Caledonia?

UPVC windows are the most commonly installed double glazing windows in the UK. This is mainly due to them being low cost, virtually maintenance free and extremely durable. At Caledonia, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing quality UPVC windows at a competitive price. Our highly trained, fully insured window fitters will ensure your new UPVC windows are installed with minimal disruption. For your peace of mind, all our UPVC windows fitted in Cumbernauld and the surrounding areas come with a 10 year guarantee.

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Benefits of UPVC Windows

Cost Effective
Compared to other materials such as aluminium or wood, UPVC windows will usually be the most cost-effective option. The price of your UPVC windows in Cumbernauld will depend on the features you chose but they are still likely to be cheaper than the alternatives.

Virtually No Maintenance
One of the major benefits of UPVC windows is that they require very little maintenance. Other materials such as wood need to be repainted and probably require remedial refilling and patching as they tend to flake and rot over time. This will not happen with UPVC windows from Caledonia. They will never rot, rust, flake or fade. To keep them looking as new they only require the occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

Our superior UPVC windows can withstand all the unpredictable Scottish weather can throw at them. Unlike wood which can swell in damp weather, our UPVC windows are completely storm and weatherproof. The UPVC non-porous properties means that water and damp cannot enter your home through the window frames. Also, they are non-corrosive which means they cannot be eroded by bad weather.

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Thermal Efficiency
Up to 30% of the heat in your home escapes through windows. Your UPVC windows from Caledonia have a high energy efficiency rating which means your home stays warm. It also has the added benefit of reducing your energy bills. Double glazing work by having two panes of glass separated by a layer of argon gas in a sealed unit. Argon gas is a poor heat conductor so when combined with the dual panes of glass prevents heat from escaping. Opting for triple glazing adds another pane of glass and layer of argon gas which increases the thermal efficiency of your UPVC windows.

Noise Insulation
As our UPVC double glazed windows are extremely well insulated, they also act as a barrier to noise. This keeps the inside of your home shielded from outside noise creating a quiet and peaceful environment for your family.

UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and is a form of plastic. It has been proven to offer exceptional durability due to being non-porous, which makes it the ideal material for windows. Even in the harshest weather conditions your UPVC windows will not warp, rot, rust or fade. Your new UPVC windows from Caledonia will give you years of use with minimal maintenance. All backed by our 10 year guarantee.

Secure and Safe
The UPVC frame and double glazing unit is constructed in a way that makes it difficult to break through or damage. At Caledonia, all our UPVC double glazed windows are fitted with key operated, insurance approved window locks. If your concerned about young children or pets, we have various options to give you piece of mind including tilt and turn windows.

Range of Glazing Options
We have a wide range of glazing options such as double or triple glazing and self-cleaning glass. Also choose from a variety of leaded and decorative glazing including Georgian style. We are also able to match existing designs.

Variety of Styles
Our UPVC windows don’t just come in classic white, we have a range of colours and woodgrain effect finishes. All our windows are made to measure, and you can choose from casement, tilt and turn windows, French windows and sash windows.

Easy Installation
All our UPVC windows are manufactured by ourselves to your exact measurements. This can significantly reduce installation time. Our fully insured and expert fitters will ensure disruption is kept to a minimum so you can enjoy your new windows.

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Product Quality

We are not only an installer of UPVC Windows & Doors in Cumbernauld, we manufacture the end product at our main site in Central Scotland, we believe that quality is important therefore we only use what we believe are the best materials in all our doors and windows, to find out more about these materials please contact us for more information.

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