With energy prices continually on the rise homeowners are forever looking for ways to cut costs and make their homes more energy efficient space. One of the best ways to do this is to keep heat loss in your home to an absolute minimum. If your home is regularly losing heat then it will become increasingly difficult and expensive to keep it warm. The fact that heat rises means that a large percentage of heat loss is through the roof space. However, poor quality doors and windows are also a source of heat loss in houses.

If your windows and doors are outdated and poorly installed, they are likely to have developed gaps through which heat will escape. If you want to ensure your home remains energy efficient it is imperative that you ensure your doors and windows are in good condition. If your current windows and doors in Glasgow are outdated it is possible that they are contributing to soaring heating bills, and maybe it is time to consider replacing them. Now we appreciate there is a cost associated with this, however, the savings that you will make on your energy bills will over time help pay for your replacement windows. So we thought we would have a look at some of the different types of windows, and how installing them will benefit your home.


Why Do Double Glazed Windows Help Conserve Energy?

While some homes may still have single-glazed windows it is safe to say that the majority probably already have double-glazing. However, older double-glazed windows, like any product that has aged will be significantly less efficient. Contemporary double glazing is engineered from two panes of glass with argon or another inert gas in between. Because the gas is heavier than the air surrounding it, this makes it extremely efficient when it comes to keeping noise out of, and heat in a property. New double-glazed units will have highly effective seals that will help stop the movement of heat out of the property.


Are Triple Glazed Windows More Energy Efficient Than Double Glazed Windows?

The extra layer of glass in triple glazing forms another barrier between the inside and outside of the home. In a triple-glazed unit, one of the panes of glass is constructed much thicker than the others, giving it an extra layer of thermal protection. For this reason, triple-glazed units are widely considered to be the most energy-efficient type of glazing.


What are Some of the Other Benefits of Replacement Windows and Doors?

When you install new windows and doors and make your home more energy efficient there will be a number of associated benefits. The first being that it will lower your carbon footprint as energy-efficient windows can reduce the carbon emissions of a house by up to 400kg, which is the same amount of carbon that would be emitted by driving around 2000 miles. As well as keeping the heat in, modern windows will also keep out excessive heat in the summer months meaning you won’t have to rely on air conditioning to maintain an ambient temperature.

New well-fitted windows in Glasgow will keep out draughts helping make your home a much more comfortable and welcoming space. Replacement windows are also more ergonomic than their predecessors making them much easier to use. Because your home will be kept at an ambient temperature there is little or no chance of condensation forming on the inside of your windows.



While there is obviously a cost associated with installing new windows, we believe that the benefits far outweigh it. Replacement windows will undoubtedly make your home a far more energy-efficient space and as a result, keep costs to a minimum.