Which Styles of Windows in Grangemouth Are Available?

UPVC Windows Grangemouth

Our highly skilled window fitters will make sure that all UPVC windows in Grangemouth are fitted to a high standard with minimal disruption.  UPVC windows can withstand all unpredictable Scottish weather and provide fantastic security with virtually no maintenance required.

Tilt and Turn Windows Grangemouth

Tilt and turn windows by Caledonia Windows And Doors are a popular choice due to their practical and versatile operation.  These type of windows are really easy to operate and provide many advantages for homeowners such as increased versatility, safety and they are also available in a variety of styles.

Reversible Windows Grangemouth

The fully reversible window is very popular in Scotland where it satisfies slightly different building regulations to the rest of the UK. Our fully reversible windows are built to order in our Cumbernauld factory. The mechanisms are designed to be intuitive and we check the windows at every stage of production to ensure optimal performance.

Triple Glazing Grangemouth

Triple glazing from Caledonia Windows And Doors is another popular choice for our customers.  Triple glazing is installed by expert and reliable fitters and we offer an unrivalled selection of windows to choose from.  As well as it’s superb energy efficiency and noise insulation, triple glazing will future proof your home and make it much more attractive to future buyers.

Flush Fit Windows Grangemouth

The range offers real competitive advantage for fabricators and installers as it features a wide array of colours, with 10 grained foil options in 20 different combinations to choose from.  Flush fit windows are available to be installed as single units to being installed for your full property.

Bespoke UPVC Windows Supplied & Installed in Grangemouth & Surrounding Areas

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What Are The Benefits of Caledonia Windows?

Custom-Made Products

All our products are custom manufactured on an individual basis to match your own personal requirements. With our fantastic choice of windows and doors in a range of styles and finishes, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a trusted door and window company, look no further than Caledonia.

Variety of Styles

Here at Caledonia Windows And Doors, we truly believe that we have the perfect selection of windows for every customer.  Whether you’re looking for triple glazing, double glazing or flush fit windows, we are more than happy to take you through the benefits of all the styles that we currently have available.

FREE Home Visits

Our expert and reliable window fitters make sure that all windows are accurate and made-to-measure.  To make sure that we get this right, we offer FREE home visits where we can discuss your individual requirements and take exact measurements for your bespoke windows to be fitted promptly.


All styles of windows that we fit are weatherproof and are perfect for the unpredictable conditions of Scottish weather.  Our windows are also fantastic for energy efficiency and help to block outside noice, helping you to achieve the design you want and relax in comfort.

Low Maintenance

Wooden window frames require constant maintenance, and over time, are at risk of rotting and splintering. UPVC windows present little to no risk in terms of deterioration over time and maintenance required is a simple wipe with a cloth to keep your windows looking their best. With triple or double glazing in Grangemouth, the maintenance benefits are much better than those associated with single glazing. No constant upkeep, no risk, no worries.

Is Finance Available For Windows in Grangemouth?

Here at Caledonia Windows And Doors, we are proud to be FCA approved providers and can now offer finance options for all home improvement needs.  if you are on a restricted or limited budget but still require high quality windows for your property, we are the company you need.  We offer anything from 24 month to 5 year payment plans.  If you are considering purchasing your triple or double glazing in Grangemouth on finance, then please contact our window fitters in Grangemouth to discuss your budget so that we can recommend a suitable finance option for you.

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Why Choose Caledonia Windows & Doors?

Here at Caledonia Windows and Doors, we truly believe customers having the ability to design their own door to fit personal preferences and requirements.  We offer a design your own door service so that you can select individual elements down to the finest of details.

All windows in Coatbridge are supplied with a complete 10 year guarantee so that you’re covered should anything occur or become faulty unexpectedly. If you would like more information on pricing and options for your new windows in Grangemouth, or to obtain a FREE quote, please contact us.

Call our window experts directly on 01236 737 604 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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