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Looking For New UPVC Doors In Falkirk?

Here at Caledonia Windows & Doors, we are pleased to offer a complete range of high quality UPVC doors in Falkirk and other nearby areas in Scotland. We have over ten years’ experience in the industry, and have had the pleasure of manufacturing, supplying and installing UPVC doors in Falkirk at a wide variety of different properties. If you’re looking for affordable, personally designed UPVC doors for your home, we are here to help.

  • Bespoke made-to-measure UPVC doors
  • Ten year guarantee with all doors
  • Variety of styles, colours & finishes
  • Increased security & safety features
  • Contemporary designs on offer
  • Low maintenance materials used

For long lasting, reliable UPVC doors in Falkirk, Caledonia Windows and Doors are here for you. Got an idea for your new doors? Try our FREE door designer to craft your ideal design, which you can then show to our team of professionals to ensure that we can present you with the bespoke door of your dreams. For friendly advice, or to receive a quote for your new doors, please call us today on 01236 737 604.

Available Styles of Doors in Falkirk

Composite Doors 

Composite doors in Falkirk are available to purchase in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes. Their unique combination of wood and plastic makes them durable, long lasting and low maintenance and as a result, composite doors are rapidly increasing in demand across the UK. Have you tried our FREE online door designer yet? You can use this tool to trial different colours and styles of available composite doors in Falkirk to find a finish to meet your needs.

UPVC Doors 

UPVC doors in Falkirk remain to be a very common choice for homeowners and it’s no secret as to why. Their durability, versatility and affordability means that they can be manufactured, designed and fitted quickly and with little expense. Homeowners and businesses alike choose UPVC doors in Falkirk as a simple yet effective solution to increase security and improve appearance.

French Doors

French doors are an innovative solution to create the illusion of more space within your home, simply by opening up external walls to let in more light. French doors include more glass than any other type of door and can be installed in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your preferences. Not only do french doors in Falkirk offer value in terms of practicality, they can also enhance the contemporary style and overall appearance of your property.

Patio Doors 

For customers choosing patio doors in Falkirk, they are presented with a wide selection of frames and colours to choose from. Patio doors can create additional access points to your property, as well as allowing more natural light to enter your home. Many of our customers choose to totally transform their downstairs living areas by exchanging traditional back doors or windows for patio doors in Falkirk.

Bespoke UPVC Doors, Composite Doors, Patio Doors & French Doors in Falkirk

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Did You Know? We Offer Various Finance Options For Your New UPVC Doors in Falkirk

Here at Caledonia Windows and Doors, we offer many different UPVC doors in Falkirk for a range of different prices. We realise that our customers in Falkirk have varying requirements and are working with different budgets. To allow our customers to purchase the door they would like, we also provide a selection of appropriate finance options. If you are looking for new UPVC doors in Falkirk, please feel free to discuss finance options with our friendly staff.

If you would like to request more details about the various options to finance your new doors, please get in touch with our team today for further information.

Why Not Try Our Free Door Designer?

For UPVC Doors in Falkirk –  Choose Caledonia!

At Caledonia Windows and Doors, we are proud to manufacture, supply and install a comprehensive range of UPVC doors in Falkirk. If you are looking for bespoke, high quality doors as a new addition to your home, or to replace old, existing doors, we are here for you. Our specialist team of door fitters in Falkirk are trained, qualified and insured to provide a professional, timely door installation service. Once your new UPVC doors are fitted, you will be presented with a 10 year guarantee.

For further details on how we can provide you with individually tailored UPVC doors in Falkirk, or to request a FREE, no obligation quote, please get in touch with our door experts today. You can call us directly on 01236 737 604 or if you’d prefer, please fill in our online contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your enquiry. 

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